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Waiting Room Foolishness

“This so-called “foolish” plan of God is far wiser than the wisest plan of the wisest man, and God in his weakness—Christ dying on the cross—is far stronger than any man.” 1Corinthians 1:25

So, there I was… sitting; waiting. I had been waiting so long I wasn’t sure what I was I waiting for anymore. I had been in this particular waiting season just shy of two years. Don’t get me wrong; life had continued to happen. Just like the receptionist will offer you a magazine or something to drink, God had certainly checked-in and provided for me. Yet, there was nothing “normal” or familiar. In fact, I encountered strange and unexplainable things routinely. 

Some of the foolishness I endured included countless job interviews with encouraging conversation, but no follow-up. I even had one woman tell me, “If I don’t hire you it won’t be because you aren’t qualified.” Huh? What does that mean? Then there were the five jobs I was hired for within a 10-month period.  These jobs lasted anywhere from three months to one day. Yeah, one day… long story!

Photo by ZSun Fu on Unsplash

When questioned about the twists and turns my life had taken, I resigned to a shrug of the shoulders as my reply. It just didn’t make any sense. Foolishness! My education, work experience, and winning smile… just weren’t opening the doors they once had. It made no sense at all. Foolishness, I say!

Yet, one evening as I was repeating the bridge to We Will Worship’s Like Oil, something clicked:

It’s foolishness I know, but Your foolishness is wiser than my wisest, wiser, wiser…

Right, it didn’t make any sense. No, it didn’t make sense, in my mind. 

It didn’t make any sense that even with the loss of salary, I was still functioning as well as I was. Yes, there were moments (ok, hours… ok, days) of doubt. Yes, there was even lamenting and tears. But I was able to get up and face each day with hope. It was confounding that my daughter was not only able to pay her bills and mine, she also paid off all her credit card debt. It’s foolishness, I know!

In that two-year period, I managed to move to another state, visited amazing parts of the Southwest, and linked up with a group of godly women who helped me manage the deep waters God was leading (sometimes pulling) me into.  During that time, along with the loses, there was the gain of a sure confidence that God was doing what He wanted (and needed) to get me where He had planned for me to be all along. His “foolishness” plan is wiser than my wisest.  

“Fear arises when we imagine that everything depends on us.” Elizabeth Elliot

Photo by Tasha Jolley on Unsplash

When we actively wait on God, we learn that there is more to what’s going on than what we see. Life’s waiting rooms have a way of causing us to relinquish our ideas about how things should be. In this place of surrender, we align with God and allow Him to remove what hinders and replace that with everything that helps. When we trust in God and not self, we can let go of fear!

Instead of the wait making us weak, we gain strength. We begin to understand that our waiting is not simply a matter of passing time, but is a process directed by God. When we actively wait on God we hope and look for an expected end. As an added bonus, we will begin to see God and ourselves differently. 

Originally published 6/2018. Revised 6/2021.

Featured photo by Roel Dierckens on Unsplash

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