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When I Say I’m Tired

When I say I’m tired
Please don’t get it twisted, don’t misconstrue
I’m not tired and bowing out, no
I’m tired of explaining myself to you

I’m tired of holding it in, and
Sucking it up
And swallowing words that become
Swords that cut me from the inside

Photo by Etty Fidele on Unsplash

I’m tired of you and your excuses
Your mock pleas for unsustainable change
I’m even tired of your approval
To feel what I feel
I’m tired of patting your head with a
“There, there” and a “Oh no, it’s not you”

When I say I’m tired
I’m not lying down, not giving up, no
I won’t roll over, see
I’m tired of apologizing
For a rage that gets no respite
For eyes that see no reprieve

I’m tired of seeing the bodies
Scattered about like dreams deferred
Strange fruit from a tainted, tired tree
I’m tired of “Our thoughts are with you,” and
Your tired and worn out prayers

When I say I’m tired
Please don’t think I have resigned, no
I’m waiting for a renewed wind to boost my sails
For a power to come and undergird my wings
Once rested, I’ll come out swinging

I will come out swinging
But Today, I’m tired; just simply tired

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