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Why do birds fly in the sky?
And why are there sometimes tears in my eyes?
Oh why?
Why must I pray even when things don’t go my way?
Oh why, why, why?

How do I plan when I’m not sure where I’m going?
Why step left? When do I go right?
When do I stop and turn around?
And why can’t you see these tears
In my eyes?
Oh why?

Photo by Ken Treloar on Unsplash

I’ve made my lists
I’ve checked them twice
I planned on things turning out nice
And still when I look back and see where You’ve guided me
I ask, why?

Why did that tree fall down?
Why did my grandma die?
Why did I not see that friendship was nothing more than a lie?
Tell me why
Please tell me why
Why, why oh why?

I gave You my hand
I pledged You my heart
Please don’t forget I’m afraid of the dark
The winds howl
The waves come crashing in
And yet I have enough hope to ask

Why does my child cry tears I cannot console?
And why did that man I trusted let go?
The baby I lost
The innocence dashed
I ask these questions
Knowing Yours is a love that lasts

Hold on! My child
Be strong! Don’t faint
I chose you to endure
And I have not forgot

I see the tears
I am the sparkle in your eye
Your child is mine
And I’ll hold her throughout all time
I am He that was and is
I am your strength, your deliverer and friend

See, I am the why and the when

I am God
I AM the why
And I know when

I am your strength, your deliverer and friend
I am the why and I know when
I am God, the Great I Am

I am the why and the when

(Original 7/2009; Revised 6/2019)

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