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Like most, I use the beginning of a new year to not only look back in reflection, but to list what I hope to accomplish in the coming year.  Some aspects of this process have changed over the years.  Yet, one facet that has remained, is an honest look at my contribution to the successes and misfires along the way.

Moving into 2019, with just a few days left in the year, I was dealt a blow.  Just when I thought my financial future was taking a turn for the better; I received news that meant I had to put plans on the back burner… again.  Faced with the choice to remain hopeful or look at this event as an insurmountable hurdle; I decided to continue to expect the positive changes I’ve awaited.  See, even when things outside of our control happen, we are still responsible for our perspective of such.

Was your 2018 full of wonderful surprises and well-executed plans?  Or, did you experience setbacks and hiccups that left you doubting your purpose in life?  Many of us are reviewing 2018 with mixed emotions.  We can clearly see where progress was made; yet, we had hoped to be further down the road and closer to what we deemed as a sign of “success.”

No matter your final assessment of the previous year, I want to encourage you to continue to expect!  Most New Year’s expectations usually fall into two categories: Increase or Realization.  We either hope to add to the great things that happened the previous year, or want to see the fulfillment of long held dreams and aspirations.  No matter where you may find yourself on the hope spectrum, it may do us some good to look at what it means to expect.

To expect means to – look forward to; regard as likely to happen; and anticipate the occurrence or the coming of…

See, expecting includes: anticipation, hope, and waiting with confidence.  Going beyond merely wishing or stating a desire; when we expect, we do so with complete trust and certainty.  Living in a state of expectancy moves us past just wanting something to happen.  No, expectation requires both preparation and consistent faith.

With any healthy pregnancy, there are times we question our ability to endure the process.  Even when we are sure about all we hope for, there can times we probe our intentions and doubt the motives of those who offer their support.  When these moments happen, we may adjust our methods and re-evaluate the course of action; but we understand that expecting dictates we don’t lose hope or begin to mistrust.

Despite what the calendar says when you read this, take some time to honestly look at where you are as you expect.  Does your self-talk reflect confidence?  Have you formed a tribe that supports and holds you accountable to dreams and plans? Are you doing all that you can to prepare for that which you anticipate?  Are you celebrating the pangs of pain as clear indication that you are not expecting in vain?

Be certain, assured, and confident… the twinges, the hiccups, and the stretching are all part of the process.  You are expecting!

Happy New Year!

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