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rawpixel-1118520-unsplashThere is a saying that goes, “There is enough to go around.”  It’s usually said to assure those in a gathering that there are adequate resources to meet their needs and wants. It is said when people may rush the dessert table at a picnic or the water fountain on a really hot day.  But, we when know that “supplies are limited” at a Black Friday Sale;  we tend see stampedes year after year.

Knowing that there is enough to go around is meant to be comforting; reassuring. Yet, for some reason there are Christian Believers that don’t seem to trust that God’s rich supply is vast enough to bless them and others.  Far too many live their lives with a closed-fist mentality.  Afraid if they open their hand to receive what others have, they may lose what they already possess.  Sure, there are wolves disguised as sheep; but most sheep are really as they appear… harmless sheep.

The more I encounter those who are jealous of others, or those who go out of their way to discredit what others offer, I am convinced that most “stingy” people are actually fearful people. This fear is really a lack of understanding about God.  Or better yet, His relationship to them as their Heavenly Father. See, once we have a full understanding of just how big God is, we will never again question whether He can bless us and others.

When we have a firm sense of the great love God has for us individually, we can then appreciate the fact that others too are loved in the same manner. Instead of competing with others, we just may find ourselves reaching out to make sure that all of humanity has a better understanding of the vastness of God’s love. It is important that we grasp the fact that Salvation is whole… nothing lacking. Meaning, He has created each of us with a purpose in mind and is quite capable of blessing each of us to do what He has called us to do. This includes the times we are to share what we have with others.

Jealousy of another’s gifts and talents, is a sign that we lack comprehension about our own talents and gifts.  When we doubt that God is who He says He is, we run the risk of mistreating others and being less than genuine in our relationships.  When we lack proper perspective regarding God’s faithfulness, we tend to side-eye everyone or attempt to manipulate others, rather than support what God is doing in that person’s life. To that I say, “Enough!”

Specifically, God has enough! He is enough! Just think about it, one of His names is The El Shaddai – The God Who is More Than Enough. He has enough to go around, and He is more than enough to meet all our needs. Enough!  In Micah 4, we learn of His plan regarding how we are to live and truly coexist.

But in the latter days it shall come to pass that the mountain of the house of the Lord shall be established as the highest of the mountains; and it shall be exalted above the hills, and peoples shall flow to it… But they shall sit every man under his vine and under his fig tree, and none shall make them afraid, for the mouth of the Lord of hosts has spoken it.  Micah 4:1, 4

When we in the Body of Christ realize that God desires elevation for all His people and considers us to live as the established House of the Lord, we can rest in His provision and His promises.  We can cease the backbiting and jealous rage that causes division and strife. God’s plan is for each to be satisfied by his/her own vine and fig tree. He has designed it that we each have our own vine and the fig tree. It is man’s fear that causes us to hoard what we have acquired (side note: it’s not ours in first place) and talk negatively about the way God is showing up in the lives of others.

Our ability to see God as the giver of all good gifts releases us to celebrate what we see happening in other’s lives. This requires we first truly believe that we are loved by a very big, and full, and loving, and giving, and did I say loving… God. Knowing I am loved allows me to see that same love manifests in the lives of others. Does this put me at risk of being taken advantage of by others? Yup! But more importantly, it places the Body of Christ in the best position for elevation and increase. Because yes, there IS enough to go around!

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